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 Warrington, U.K & DaeJeon South Korea, October 11, 2011,





H2OSatellite and KNS are pleased to announce

the launch of the SuperTrack A6 60cm VSAT designed for ASTRA2connect service. The A6 will be included as a new product in the Litespeed product range. H2OLitespeed is a superb Marine Broadband Communications Package offering incredibly fast download speeds of up to 4 Mbps. The range of products already includes an 85cm SuperTrack A9 terminal, and H2OSatelllite now announces the eagerly awaited 60cm SuperTrack A6 terminal. The A6 is not only extremely compact but also incredibly fast. The compact size of the antenna makes it suitable for a large number of vessels from small fishing boats to large container ships.

The development of the SuperTrack A-Series VSATs started with ASTRA Broadband Services, Europes leading provider of satellite services and H2O satellite communications specialists. The success of the Supertrack A9 has lead to the development of a smaller terminal for users who are looking for a cost efficient solution on all types of vessels. 

The Super Track A-Series service package enables maritime customers to not only benefit from a constant internet connection and VolP services but also to cut down on the high cost of equipment and services says Kevin Jin, KNS Inc. CEO




Kormarine 2011 2011-09-27

Visit us at Booth #LB01

KNS will be displaying the full line of SuperTrack antennas at Kormarine 2011 in Busan, South Korea from October 26 to 29, 2011.

Please contact your sales associate to request a meeting during the show.

METS 2011 2011-09-27

Visit us at Booth #06.108

KNS will be displaying the full line of SuperTrack antennas at the Marine Equipment Trade Show From November 15~17, 2011.

Please contact your sales associate to request a meeting during the show.

MarinTec 2011 2011-09-27

Visit us at Booth #3L13

KNS will be displaying the full line of SuperTrack antennas at Marintec China2011 from November 29 to December 2nd, 2011.

Please contact your sales associate to request a meeting during the show.

2011 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule 2011-09-01

KNS will be closed the following days in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday

September 9th to 14th, 2011


Normal business hours will resume September 15th, 2011


         No shipping during the week of September 9th to 14th, 2011

         No receiving of RMAs or RMAs processing

         No manufacturing or production

         Email responses will be delayed

         Technical support is available through email only

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our dealers and vendors.

Summer Holiday Schedule 2011-07-20

KNS will be closed the following days for summer vacation

July 25th to 29th, 2011

Normal business hours will resume August 1, 2011

   No shipping during the week of July 25th to 29th, 2011

   No receiving of RMAs or RMAs processing

   No manufacturing or production

   Emails responses will be delayed

   Technical support is available through email only

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our dealers and vendors

Z24 C/Ku Band VSAT Installation 2011-07-12

The KNS Installation Team completed the installation and commissioning of the SuperTrack Z24 C/Ku Band VSAT in Ulsan, Korea. 

For more details on the SuperTrack Z24 please contact KNS.

KNS Europe Now Open! 2011-06-28

As part of our commitment KNS has recently opened a new facility in Rotterdam, Europes largest port, to service and distribute SuperTrack marine antenna products. The new Europe distribution and service center provides our clients with a centrally located office to service their maritime communications needs including easy access to a full inventory with 80-100 antennas and spare parts in stock. 

With the Rotterdam facility KNS aims to provide the highest quality maritime antenna products for the European market.

KNS Europe

Columbusstraat 25, 3165AC


The Netherlands

Tel: +31-10-494-5916

KNS And H2OLiteSpeed Reaches Milestone with 100th Installation 2011-06-16

Warrington, U.K & DaeJeon South Korea, June 15, 2011- KNS Inc. and H2O Satellite announced today the 100th successful installation of the SuperTrack A-Series VSAT on H2O Lightspeed Service. H2OLitespeed is a high speed broadband VSAT solution developed specifically for the maritime market by a consortium consisting of Europes leading satellite provider SES ASTRA, leading maritime satellite communications partner H2OSatellite and antennae manufacturer KNS.


The latest vessel to activate the system will benefit from faster downloads of data, clearer voice calls at negligible cost, remote IT support and email. Welcoming the news Robert Kenworthy, MD of H2OSatellite said We have all types of ships using the system from coasters and ferries to fishing vessels and yachts and they are making savings of up to 50% against conventional satellite communications systems.

H2OLiteSpeed and the SuperTrack A-Series antennas are a perfect combination for communications at sea. We believe H2OLiteSpeed service is the most cost effective and reliable solution in Europe. commented Kevin Jin, CEO of KNS, Inc.

Supertrack A7 Completed 2011-05-26

KNS has completed the development of the SuperTrack A7.  The A7 has been developed for the Astra2Connect and IpCopter services in Europe.  The K7 and A7 are the perfect combination for leisure boats to ensure a consistant radome for communications and TV systems.  


The K7 and A7 will be released into the market late May 2011 and production will begin early June 2011.




Comtech EF Data + KNS... Ocean Roaming (SatCom) 2011-05-26
The ability to maintain connectivity while accessing beams is incorporated into this joint effort... 

Comtech EF Data Corporation andKNS, Inc. have successfully integrated the SuperTrack Series of marine stabilized antenna systems and the ROSS Open Antenna Management (ROAM) protocol. The integration will enable the SuperTrack antenna systems on maritime vessels to roam across multiple satellite beams, maintaining connectivity moving through different satellite footprints and enhancing communication capabilities at sea. The ROAM protocol offers a common management interface for Comtech EF Data's Roaming Oceanic Satellite Server (ROSS) and third-party Antenna Control Units (ACUs) by providing a base set of ASCII character commands, information, interfaces and status queries. ROSS is an integrated location server that works in conjunction with Comtech EF Data's Vipersat Management System to facilitate on-the-move satellite communications for oceanic vessels. ROSS enables remote modems to interface with stabilized, auto-tracking antennas, maintaining connectivity as vessels move through footprints of different satellites. Vessel position data, satellite signal and management status are constantly monitored to determine when satellite handoff is necessary. As ROSS can support many types of ACUs, the ROAM protocol reduces the complexity and the variations by providing basic parameters required to globally roam across multiple satellite beams. The ROAM protocol provides uniformity in implementation of third-party antenna manufacturer's interfaces, while enabling the unique characteristics and proprietary techniques of different manufacturers. 

"The interoperability of ROAM and ROSS with SuperTrack VSATs will enable maritime operators to have maximum bandwidth efficiencies and roaming capabilities for their satellite-based communications at sea," said Daniel Enns, Senior Vice President Strategic Marketing and Business Development for Comtech EF Data. KNS's SuperTrack Series of VSATs are in use and constantly challenged in the roughest seas all over world. Based on exclusive technologies, the highly advanced stabilized antennas are the most reliable and high performing maritime antennas in the market. All KNS antennas are developed specifically to stabilize broadband connection during volatile at-sea weather conditions. The antennas are built on the proven 3-Axis platform that allows them to constantly track and lock in on satellite sources. With the 3-Axis platform KNS antennas are able to gyrate along the X, Y, and Z axes and move 90 degrees per second. 
New KNS Facility 2011-05-13

KNS will significantly increase their development and production capabilities when they move into their new facilities in Daeduk Techno Valley in September 2011.

The new campus includes a 5,500m2 three story building and will house a full Research and Development facility for the A, S, K, and Z -series antennas and up to 3-meter C-Band antennas. The new campus will also house facilities that utilize state of the art equipment to run simulation tests, a new fully equipped laboratory will provide hands on training and an installation workshop that can simulate technical issues that may arise on vessels. 

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