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SuperTrack K7 is coming 2011-04-27

We have finished the development of SuperTrack K7. It has 60cm dish but same features and functions of other K series antennas. First prototype is under heavy testing now and KNS will release K7 on May. Mass production is just one month away. Please contact KNS for purchase and delivery schedule.



MIL-STD-167A for Z10Mk2 and Z12Mk2 2011-04-18

Recently the KNS SuperTrack Z10Mk2 and Z12 Mk2 VSATs have met and exceeded the MIL-STD-167A standard.  MIL–STD 167A is the standard set forth by the US department of Defense for Mechanical Vibration of Ship Board Equipment (Environmental/Internal).  These test reports will ensure the SuperTrack Z10 and Z12 antennas comply and meet the standard for the US DOD and proper entry into the military market.
For detailed test results please contact KNS sales dept.

The First SuperTrack K5 Ships Today 2011-03-31


KNS released the first SuperTrack K5 antenna.  The SuperTrack K5 is a 45cm K-Series antenna that is based on Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) and utilizes IMU sensors (3 axis gyro, 2 axis tilt). The K5 is built on a 3 axis platform combining skew and cross controls.  In addition a gyro compass interface which provides rapid searching and tracking has been built in. 

The affordable TVRO SuperTrack K5 Antenna is compatible with DVB-S2 and the DiSEqc 1.2 function which allows automatic switching between four satellites and supports quattro or quad LNBs.

K7 (61cm) COMING SOON!!!

Nor-Shipping 2011 in Oslo, Norway 2011-02-19

Visit us at Booth #A1-29

KNS will be displaying the full line of SuperTrack antennas and debut the all new K-Series K4.

Please contact your sales associate to request a meeting during the show.

KNS will also be displaying the Z-Series VSAT and TVRO in conjunction with Pon-Cat/Baltic Marine Contractors at Nor-Shipping.

SuperTrack K4 is released 2011-02-17

KNS is proud to introduce the launch of the SuperTrack K4 TVRO antenna, developed specifically for the TVRO market. SuperTrack K4 antennas are based on the Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) and use IMU sensors (3 axis gyro scope, 2 axis acceleration). The 3 axis platform is a stabilized skew system that guarantees precise searching and tracking. 

The affordable TVRO SuperTrack K4 Antenna is compatible with DVB-S2 and the DiSEqc 1.2 function and allows automatic switching between up to four satellites. The K4 is a competitively priced antenna that is based on the same technology as the Z-Series, providing exceptional tracking ability, and is ideal for private and smaller shipping vessels.

K5 (45cm) and K7 (61cm) COMING SOON!!!

Hannover Messe Exhibition 2011-02-16

KNS will be displaying the A-Series VSAT in conjunction with EuroSkyPark at Hannover Messe in Germany on April 4~8, 2011

Please contact EuroSkyPark or KNS to request a meeting during the show.

KNS sales associates will be onsite.

EuroSkyPark GmbH

Nell-Breuning-Allee 6, 66115 Saarbrucken

DE217820980, HBR 12557 Saarbrucken



Tel : +49 (681) 607-5032

Maritime Vietnam March 9~11, 2011 in conjunction with AMI 2011-02-16

KNS will be displaying the all new K-Series K4 at Maritime Vietnam in conjunction with AMI

Please contact AMI to request a meeting during the show.

AMI Marine International, Vietnam  

Rep. Office, Suite 150M3, Petro Vietnam Tower

8 Hoang Dieu Street, Vung Tau City

t +(84)643513345  f +(84)643513346

Come See us at Satellite 2011 2011-02-16

Visit us at Booth #281

KNS will be displaying the full line of SuperTrack antennas and debut the all new K-Series K4.

Please contact your sales associate to request a meeting during the show.




Genova Boat Show in Italy - NAV 2010-11-09
KNS is qualified for Interoperability with iDirect platform through open standards protocol 2010-11-04

It was recently announced by iDrect that KNS has implemented the OpenAMIP protocol developed by iDirect and completed successful interoperability testing with iDirects suite of broadband satellite routers.

OpenAMIP protocol developed by iDirect is adopted as industry standard to improve integration between stabilized antennas and remote satellite routers.

Please contact KNS for more information.

S-Series TVRO antennas receive CE Conformity 2010-10-22

KNS Inc. is proud to announce that all S-Series TVRO antennas have received CE Conformity.  The SuperTrack S4, S6, S6E S6N, S6NE, S8, S10, and S12, have received CE Conformity recently.  Along with the SuperTrack S-Series ACU (Antenna Control Unit) KA-70 and KA160  has also received CE Conformity.

The essential requirements of the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC based on the EN60945 2002 under Martime Navigation and Radio Communication equipment have been met.

Testimony From A KNS Customer 2010-10-02

Recently lightning struck a KNS VSAT customer's vessel and he sent us an email describing the his experience.

 Damages shown below when lightning struck the vessel.





As shown, other communication equipments were seriously damaged except KNS antenna. Please see the below testimony.

"The KNS A9 antenna was only 5 meters away from site of lightning and still appeared to be fully functional!!! This, in the contrary to quite some other nearby equipment like AIS, Gyro, and Fleetbroadband which were severely damaged and needed replacement".
After inspection by the local KNS dealer this antenna will be put it back into service again. We believe this accident prove KNS antenna's performance.


Above picture was taken after lightning strike. KNS A9 antenna is stll working perfect. Like we say at KNS " Day and Night, Calm or Rough, Stay Connected with KNS" We encourage everyone to tell us about your experiences with KNS!!!

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